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Dating your freshman year in college

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7 Dos and Don'ts of Dating in Your Freshman Year of College

Aug 31 Going into my freshman year of collegeI really wanted a boyfriend.

Oct 9, Now that you're a few weeks into your first semester, you may be anxious to test the waters in your first college relationship. But are you doing it. Feb 17, This four-part series will cover the dating trends you'll experience during each year of college, the different things you and your friends will go. Jul 3, Dating in college is a whole new world. young men and women are likely There's much to enjoy about being single in your freshmen year.

In retrospect, I think it was a defense mechanism because I was so terrified of making new friends. I was so close to my friends from home that there was a part of me that genuinely thought making any new friends was sort of cheating on the ones I already had.

So, I decided I would focus my attention on source instead.

I met someone at a party my third night of college. We had our first kiss the night we met, and we were pretty inseparable for the next month or so. From hanging out and watching TV in each other's rooms to meeting in the dining hall for every meal, we spent more than enough time together.

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Then, slowly but surely, things started fizzling out between us, and I started realizing I had invested literally no energy into making friends of my own. Any parties I knew about were parties he knew about, too. Any friends I had were friends he had, too.

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We had paved a short-lived life for ourselves in college that revolved around us as a couple, not as individuals. I was sad things didn't work out between us at the time, mostly because I was so scared of how I would go about navigating college without him.

dating in college: a freshman’s guide

But then we officially broke things off, and you know what happened? At first — I'm not going to lie — I was upset and a little lost on what to do on my own.

But then, I started making friends with people because I liked them. And I started going to parties because I thought they were going to be fun, and the dining hall because I was hungry and felt like it. You get the picture: I started living my life by my own rules.

A day doesn't go by that.

-Dating your freshman year of college-

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