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Kerr Glass Manufacturing Corporation

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Names[ edit ] Mason jars are also called: The jar[ edit ] A wide-mouth Mason jar filled with pickles In the United States, standard-size Mason jars are made of soda-lime glass and come in two sizes: They are also produced in a variety of volumes, including cup half-pintpintquartand half- gallon. Among the most common U. Jarden Corporation, based in Boca Raton, Florida[1] retains the license to use the Ball and Kerr registered trademarks on home-canning products as a part of its branded consumables business.

the collector's ultimate guide to canning jars

It appears that the development of the mason jar was as follows. Kilner — manufacturedUK.

Dating old kerr jars band; kerr glass manufacturing corporation

Walter John Kilner may be the inventor, possibly earlier than that. Mason — registeredUS. Glass lid replaced with metal, possibly to indicate seal integrity, reduce cost or avoid the Kilner patent.

Weck — registeredGermany. Spring clip retainers instead of a thread, and glass lid.

Otherwise similar to Kilner. Fowler's Vacola — registeredAustralia.

Kerr canning jars dating

A vacuum sealed process using a large single clip that is removed after processing. Use[ edit ] Mason jar lids and bands. The integral soft rubber ring on the underside of the lid seals onto the rim of the jar during processing. Home canning In home canning, food is packed into the mason jar, leaving some empty "head space" between the level of food and the top of the jar.

The lid is placed on top of the jar with the integral rubber seal resting on the rim.

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A band is screwed loosely over the lid, allowing air and steam to escape. The jar is heat sterilized in boiling water or steam and the lid is secured. The jar is then allowed to cool to room temperature. The cooling of the contents creates a vacuum in the head space, pulling the lid into tight contact with the jar rim to create a hermetic seal.

Once cooled, the band is removed to prevent residual water between the jar threads and the lid from rusting the band. If the jar seal is properly formed, internal vacuum will keep the lid tightly on the jar. Most metal lids used today are slightly domed to serve as a seal.

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