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New Article Added October 11, We added an article about the easiest pets to own. Make sure you read this article if you are thinking of getting a pet, and will be a new pet owner.

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This site used to be a haven for funny videos of pets we found on Youtube. We have branched out, however, and now provide articles on a variety of topics.

We still aim to share funny and cool stuff from all over the web, however, we are no longer restricted to just animal videos. The easiest pets to own Are you interested in getting a pet? If so, it's important to know beforehand what to expect. It's helpful if you have family members or friends who have owned the pet you are interested in. This way, you can talk to them so you understand the complete scope of responsibilities.

Many new pet owners underestimate the work and commitment involved in owning a pet. This unfortunately leads to many pets being brough back to shelters. Thus, it is best to know what you're getting into beforehand by doing research online.

Some people go from not owning a pet to owning a high-maintenance pet, only to get overwhelmed by the amount of care it takes. For this reason, I think a better approach for new pet owners is to start out with a low-maintenance pet.

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In this article, I will go over some of the pets that are easy to own. Fish A beta fish is often cited as one of the easiest pets to own. But in all honesty, any fish is relatively low-maintenance compared to other pets.

Important to Know

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The only real work involved is feeding and cleaning the tank every once in a while. You must be diligent about cleaning the tank, however, since the water can become dirty quite quickly.

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The total amount of time involved per week in caring for fish is probably 30 minutes or less. That said, fish are also among the most boring pets to have. You can stare at them and they can be quite pretty, but the interaction with pet owners is almost zero.

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Therefore, unless you really like fish, I'm not sure how gratifying it will be to have.

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