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The useful signal is detected by different activity value in the individual processing channels as such and is transmitted to the subsequent processing member of the radio receiver.

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An independent claim is also included for a radio receiver for the execution of a method for differentiation between noise and useful signals. The invention relates to a method for distinguishing between useful signals and noise in the received signal of a radio receiver, such as an analog or digital radio for voice and data communication.

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A significant problem in radio receivers is the correct and reliable distinction between noise and real communication signals in the detector stage before or after the actual demodulators. Only when this distinction can be made with a high probability and high speed in various types of signal is overloading the receiver system which, ultimately, the operator belongsis avoided.

Mit Bezugsziffer 53 ist das Antennenfrontend bezeichnet.

With reference numeral 53, the antenna front-end is called. It follows from the above that according to the prior art, the aforementioned characteristics of the signal must be known.

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Furthermore, classical Squelchdetektoren are not applicable to all types of signals - as an automatic detection of spread spectrum signals spread spectrum or broadcasts suppressed carrier signal is very difficult or impossible.

Die Arbeitsweise eines bekannten, pegelgesteuerten Squelchdetektors ist in The operation of a known level-controlled Squelchdetektors in Fig.

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A narrow-band detection portion 60 is moved over the frequency in order to detect the entire relevant spectrum sequentially. Wie man aus How to get out Fig. Typically, a carrier signal is required for this.

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