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Why am i so jealous of other women on dating sites

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A Real Man Doesn't Make His Woman Jealous, But Others Jealous Of Her

Well, impossible to feel in love.

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This fear reminds us how much we love our partner. This fear reminds us we need him or her in our lives. We grow up believing pain must be avoided at all costs -- especially when it comes to adult relationships.

what to do when you feel threatened by other women?

Pain cannot be avoided in loving relationships, as every part of them that reminds us how much we care is -- to some degree -- painful. What is it to love if not to long for someone? To feel as if you're missing something -- missing a chunk of yourself when the two of you aren't together?

This longing is literally the definition of romantic love -- the most beautiful and sought after pain in all of human history. People spend so much time trying to please each other and make each other happy that relationships often lose their flame and die. Or, on the other end, there are incredibly frustrated people who, after months or years of tiptoeing around their partners, blow up in their faces, saying and doing things they later regret.

10 Times You Have Absolutely No Reason to Get Jealous

Of course, you shouldn't try and seek out pain. Men often do the silliest of things: try and make their women jealous.

There is no wrath like the wrath of a jealous woman -- a little pain may be healthy, but you're going to get a little more than just a little pain. Relationships are already incredibly difficult.

Why am i so jealous of other women on dating sites; will my ex get jealous if i date someone else?

There will always be pain to be had, so there's no need for you to make an effort to bring it about. Don't get me wrong, a little jealousy goes a long way to maintaining a healthy relationship, but you shouldn't have to try and make her jealous.

We need pain in order to understand how good the good times are. There's nothing better for a relationship than a touch of uncalled for jealousy. You want to feel a bit jealous knowing other women want your man and vice versa. This is healthy jealousy -- healthy jealousy that makes for healthy relationships.

The greatest male partners in the world make sure that every other single woman in the world is jealous of their woman. If all other women are jealous and the woman you love is jealous, you, my friend, have got.

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