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These Conversation Starters Are Perfect For Your Next First Date

Workplace Learning and Teaching Tips: The topics above designed mainly for upper-beginning students and higher are designed to serve as a short, self-enclosed mini lesson.

Each Webpage includes: A list of commonly-used vocabulary with a recording of the words in RealMedia and Windows Media formats. There is a short pause between each word, so learners are encouraged to repeat after the speaker.

Not trying to be negative though. I've had more than one extra-long distance relationship ie different hemispheres and here's what I've learned: They're hard work though.

Keep in mind that the actual pronunciation of a word often changes when used in everyday conversation rather than in isolation, as found here. If you encounter a word you don't know, then use a dictionary an English-English is recommended to find the definition for each.

Storytime & Rhymetimes

A good dictionary will also give you a sample sentence so you can see how the word is used in context. A short quiz to test students' comprehension of some of the words, and the structure of the sentences gives the learner the opportunity to see how the word can be used.

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A Follow-Up exercise for expanding students' use of the vocabulary in a conversation with a partner or group. Some ideas including using the Internet for collecting information.

The lessons are not intended to provide all of the definitions for the words; rather, students should look up the words as a means of developing their study and dictionary skills. Teachers can assign students to listen to the vocabulary and practice pronouncing the words on their own.

Students should also prepare sample sentences for each, read over the Follow-Up questions, and come.

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