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Oldest Greek Oracle At Dodona And Zeus Sacred Oak Tree

Oldest Greek Oracle At Dodona And Zeus Sacred Oak Tree, Ancient Pages

Description[ edit ] During classical antiquity, according to various accounts, priestesses and priests in the sacred grove interpreted the rustling of the oak or beech leaves to determine the correct actions to be taken. According to a new interpretation, the oracular sound originated from bronze objects hanging from oak branches and sounded with the wind blowing, similar to a wind chime.

Bronze, 7th century BC.

Louvre Museum Although the earliest inscriptions at the site date to c. There was an ancient tradition that Dodona was founded as a colony from the city, also named Dodonain Thessaly. Naiads [12] and as "Zeus Bouleus" Counsellor. In the Iliad circa BC[15] Achilles prays to "High Zeus, Lord of Dodona, Pelasgianliving afar off, brooding over wintry Dodona" thus demonstrating that Zeus also could be invoked from a distance.

The oracle also features in another passage involving Odysseus, giving a story of his visit to Dodona. Odysseus's words "bespeak a familiarity with Dodona, a realization of its importance, and an understanding that it was normal to consult Zeus there on a problem of personal conduct.

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Odysseus says to the swineherd Eumaeus [19] possibly giving him a fictive account that he Odysseus was seen among the Thesprotians, having gone to inquire of the oracle at Dodona whether he should return to Ithaca openly or in secret as the disguised Odysseus is doing.

Odysseus later repeats the same tale to Penelope, who may not yet have seen through his disguise.

Dating site zeus oak edition - dodoni – the oracle of zeus

She was identified at other sites as Rhea or Gaia. The oracle also was shared by Dione whose name simply means "deity".

By classical times, Dione was relegated to a minor role elsewhere in classical Greece, being made into an aspect of Zeus's more usual consort, Hera — but never at Dodona. According to some archaeologists, not until the 4th century BC, was a small stone temple to Dione added to the site. By the time Euripides mentioned Dodona fragmentary play Melanippe and Herodotus wrote about the oracle, the priestesses appeared at the site.


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